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Turnkey projects


The sum of all our capabilities allows us provide our clients with turnkey projects hand of all kinds of mechanical products to different sectors, being able to integrate in them pneumatic, hydraulic and control systems. We take responsibility for the project from its conception and the establishment of its requirements until its manufacture, installation, testing, commissioning and service after-sale.

All kind of mechanical products in different sectors

Comet services
1. Diseño
2. Análisis
3. Fabricación
4. Llave en mano

Comet services

Accompanying the client all throughout the project, from definition and challenge to product requirements up to validation, delivery and commissioning in final operation.

Comet services

Maximum proactivity, guaranteeing an optimum product, fully agreed with the client.

Comet services

Commitment to development of project following the “On Cost, On Quality, On Time” principles.