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Grant DIN 2019-01087 funded by:



COMET engineers accumulate years of experience performing design and analysis tasks of train boxes, bogies, fairings, radomes, coupling, energy absorbing and other mechanical systems, components and internal compartments of high speed trains, trams and underground.

They also participate in the definition and validation of specifications and requirements for various railway elements. Finally, the development of manufacturing tooling and testing of all kinds of components, systems and main structures is one of the COMET’s main activities.

Knowledge and application of standards for the fulfillment of railways requirements in designs and analyses provided to customers.

  • Development of complete systems, from its initial conception until its commissioning in the vehicle or at the customer's premises (toolings).
  • Product and tooling design and analysis.
  • Definition, development, functional analysis and certification of on-board systems in rolling material according to customer requirements and applicable regulations, as well as their mechanical and electrical interfaces.
  • Monitoring and management of suppliers during all phases of the project.