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At COMET Ingeniería we give priority to safety, quality and compliance with the highest industry standards. Our DOA (Design Organization Approval) certificate DOA EASA.21J.812 reinforces our ability to offer minor modifications and repairs to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Certification DOA EASA.21J.812

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Pursuant to Regulation (EU) No. 376/2014, if you wish to report an event potentially related to any modification or repair designed by COMET Ingeniería, please contact us at the following email address airworthiness@comet-ingenieria.es, with the subject Occurrence. Provide as much detailed information as possible (Example: aircraft information, component information, description of the occurrence and/or suggestions for any corrective action, etc.). We will contact you as soon as possible.

Comet services

Guarantee of trust and reliability backed by the DOA EASA.21J.812 certification, and the professionalism of the COMET Ingeniería team that guarantees strict compliance with all current legal provisions.

Comet services

Personalized solutions for each client aimed at improving functionality, increasing safety and guaranteeing maximum aircraft comfort.

Comet services

Comprehensive engineering service thanks to a highly qualified multidisciplinary team.