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Se convoca a los señores socios de la entidad mercantil COMET INGENIERÍA S.L. a la Junta General Extraordinaria, a celebrar el próximo día 4 de agosto del año en curso, lunes, en las oficinas sitas en la calle Convento Carmelitas 2-2 de Valencia

Se convoca a los señores socios de la entidad mercantil “COMET INGENIERIA, S.L.” a la Junta General Ordinaria, a celebrar el próximo día 31 de julio de 2020, viernes, a las 18 horas, en el domicilio social sito en la calle Convento Carmelitas, 2, Entresuelo, 2, puerta 2 de Valencia.

En Valencia a 15 de julio de 2020.

Valencia, March 31st, 2020

COMET has just been awarded with the ESA project “Deployable Reflector Antenna for Cubesat Missions”. The objective of the activity is to demonstrate large (between 1 to 3 meters diameter) offset-fed antenna reflector concepts for small/cube satellites suitable for missions up to Ka-band. A reflector breadboard will be manufactured and tested to demonstrate the deployable reflector concept and its critical functions. 

The concept developed by COMET is extremely compact and accurate. It is scalable and modular, so offset-fed reflectors between 1 and 3 meters can be developed and accommodated in cubesat and small satellites, with the following characteristics:

COMET is proud to develop this project in close cooperation with the following partners:

Unidad María de Maeztu CommSensLab-UPC from Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya in Spain, an international referenced team in the development of cubesat missions, winner of the 2017 ESA S^3 Challenge and Copernicus Masters competition

Open Cosmos a UK-based company delivering space mission services with small satellite technology with the vision to help solve Earth’s biggest challenges

EOS Engineering from Spain, a company with expertise in the development of horn and patch antennas and other RF components for spacecrafts.

COMET is looking for companies interested in this new and promising concept, that will enable new missions and enhance current ones with new communication, radar or other capabilities. It will be great to hear their potential needs and evaluate the feasibility of a payload, instrument or mission that could accomplish its objectives the proposed requirements. For information request, please contact

COMET Ingeniería is a leading engineering company with a strong background in space deployable structures, having developed and tested large deployable booms and reflector rings within the frame of the European Space Agency contracts. It is currently the only company in Europe that has successfully deployed a 10 meters long mast with a gravity compensation system, simulating zero-g environment.

For more information about our developments, follow our Youtube and LinkedIn channels.

Comet Ingeniería

C/ Convento Carmelitas 2-2
46010 Valencia – Spain

A pesar de la situación general de COVID-19, COMET Ingeniería continúa con sus proyectos en curso, ya que todo su personal trabaja desde casa. Todos los proyectos actuales se desarrollan normalmente con la única excepción de las fases MAIT, que se tratan de acuerdo a la situación de sus proveedores y clientes.

Para obtener más información, póngase en contacto con su personal de referencia en COMET o Los mejores deseos de salud para todos en estos momentos difíciles.